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Pagoda Marquees

Pagoda Marquee Icon

Pagoda marquees are easily recognisable by their distinct pointed roof. This unique individual shape makes the marquees popular for various events. The Pagoda is a sturdy and elegant marquee and lends itself well to everything from an informal brunch or Baby Shower to a small sit-down wedding breakfast. It can also be attached to one of our Capri marquees as a catering or food tent.

The prominent pointed roof of the pagoda marquee distinguishes it from the rest. This graceful structure lends itself well to gardens or an outdoor venue for larger parties. The pagoda marquees are an impressive structure and provide a stylish wow factor outside, the extended ridge height when in inside gives it a wonderful ambience. The high roof provides a dramatic sense of space. With the right lighting, you can really create a magical bespoke event inside one of these distinct marquees. 

Our sturdy and elegant pagoda marquees are flexible and easy to adapt to any event, Pagoda marquees can be assembled with or without sidewalls depending on the weather. Without the sidewalls, the pagoda marquee is an airy structure much like a pavilion design, useful on very warm days. With sidewalls on, you have a beautiful shaped closed marquee to shelter from the elements.

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